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The Treasure At Tampines is the Final Word in Healthy Living

Truthfully, an Exec Condo (EC) does not need to separate itself whatsoever apart from being an EC. It’s ultimately a real estate that you can get with gives, as well as there’s no ABSD if you’re upgrading from a level. But still, some ECs like The OLA head out of their way to differentiate themselves. In this case, via a healthy and balanced living angle:
Why The OLA EC is the ultimate in healthy and balanced living
Sengkang health center
Notice that Sengkang Community Hospital is right nearby

The OLA EC’s place in Sengkang (around the Anchorvale location) is a much-loved amongst exterior fanatics. It’s a walk-able range to Sengkang Waterfront Park, which is a created wetland; actually Singapore’s largest manufactured marsh ecology, the Sengkang Drifting Island, is inside this park. It’s likewise popular among bicyclists and also workout fanatics.

Let us compare Treasure At Tampines with Ola EC. After that there’s the nearby healthcare: t’s located right throughout the road from Sengkang Area Hospital. If you have persistent medical conditions (or senior member of the family who do), this is an optimal place. You’ll know having the hospital nearby is a godsend if you’ve ever had a child or elderly parent hospitalised.

Third, The OLA EC is among the first condominiums we know of to offer a Telehealth solution. Called the HiDoc service, this is a kiosk that homeowners can make use of to from another location speak with medical professionals. There’s a web cam and touchscreen to take care of the assessment, and the stand has sensing units to take your temperature level, high blood pressure, and also other crucial indicators.

As for medicine, the medical professional on the end of the line can issue a digital prescription; the medication can be provided by an on-line pharmacy service. If all our condominiums had this today, we would go to method smaller sized threat of capturing, say, a particularly nasty flu by all cramming into one clinic. Too bad this is still up-and-coming.
The trade-off: space to run and bike, but an LRT instead of MRT station
Riding on bike
Want to cycle somewhere outside of a concrete jungle? Pick Sengkang (or the very expensive Bukit Timah).

The OLA EC hasn’t got an MRT station nearby– you’ll need a shuttle bus (which we assume the condo will arrange, they all do these days); or just connect to the rail network with Cheng Lim LRT station, that’s a few minutes’ walk away.

In return though, you get access to one of the few open, green spaces in Singapore. Sengkang is still a young neighbourhood, so it hasn’t yet gotten packed with a coffee shop every three metres, or heavy traffic congestion. If you’re the sort who likes to jog along fairly clear roads (and inhale less carbon monoxide), or you like morning walks along nature trails, this is it.

With the Sengkang Riverside Park so close by, the next closest equal would be the Bukit Timah area (also viable as a nature enclave, if you’re the sort who thinks $2,500+ per square foot is spare change).
You ‘d better move fast if you’re interested.
You’re likely to compete with a crowd of upgraders, so move fast this year.

ECs tend to move quite fast, and The OLA EC will probably draw crowds as it’s one of the three EC launches we’re likely to see this year. This is compounded by the fact that Nan Chiau Primary School is within a one-kilometer radius of the development; it’s one of the most desired schools within the North East region, which will drive demand here.

You’re also going to compete with more prospective buyers this time: it’s because the income ceiling on ECs is now raised to $16,000, and over 20,000 flats are likely to reach their Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) this year. That tends to means a lot of upgraders moving into the market.

The OLA EC is a mid-sized development with only 548 units, that will TOP in 2023.

Frankly, an Executive Condominium (EC) doesn’t need to differentiate itself in any way other than being an EC. Still, some ECs like The OLA go out of their way to differentiate themselves. The OLA EC’s location in Sengkang (around the Anchorvale area) is a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a walk-able distance to Sengkang Riverside Park, which is a constructed wetland; in fact Singapore’s largest man-made wetland ecology, the Sengkang Floating Island, is inside this park. Third, The OLA EC is one of the first condos we know of to offer a Telehealth service.

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